Events List

We always have events in cities around the world and
we partner with restaurants using the S-Bite™ technology in those cities.

Featured Event - 23 NOV, 2019


Every year we have multiple events in different cities all around the world, we partner with top restaurants using our S-Bite™ Technology in the city chosen. Alot of benefits are accompanied!

S-Bite™ by SEACO

This is a celebration of the most used restaurant technology each time we make such events. We make it a promise to all franchise & local restaurants that we can make it happen right together in the same city, same day, physically!!!

Jane Michelel Noe


Our list of events falls at every end Saturday of a month and in any city of our choice! Discover when we shall be coming to your city by contacting us through the Contact Us page or by chat at the right bottom corner of your screen.